Book Keeping

Book keeping is imperative in the growth of a business . Therefore firms are at risk of financial muddle if they do not keep up to date records of their business activities.

Hence, at stairway consultancy, we keep up with technological developments to prove our value with our clients with regards to book keeping. We have real – time financial information’s at our fingertips.


We provide audit services in every department within the pharmaceutical industry. Our primary objectives are;

•To detect errors and fraud
•To prevent error and fraud
• To help clients improve upon their Accounting and internal control systems.

We are very conversant with Accounting software’s like QuickBooks, Tally and Sage.

Payroll Management

The system by which an employer manages the salaries of the employees refers to payroll management. This includes salaries, allowances, deductions and net payable to the employees.

At stairway consultancy, we take that responsibility off the shoulders of the employers to enable them attend to other pressing needs of the firm by managing their payroll systems.

Computation of Tax and other statutory returns

We do computation and filing of Value Added Tax(VAT), National Health Insurance Levy(NHIL) ,GETFUND, Pay As You Earn(PAYE),Social Security and National Insurance Trust(SSNIT) across every sector within the pharmaceutical industry.

Preparation of financial statements

Financial statements are reports prepared to present the financial performance and position of a firm at a particular point in time.

At stairway consultancy, we help our clients prepare the four main areas of financial statements which are ;

•Income statement
• Balance sheet
•Statement in change in equity
•Statement of cash flow.

Preparation of management reports

Management reporting system is part of a management control system that provides information to the business. This information is in the form of reports or statements. The system is designed to assist members of management by providing timely pertinent information’s. Management report is important because it ;

•Improves decision making
•Improves management effectiveness
•Improves responsiveness to issues
•Improves efficiency of resources in the delivery of organizational services

At stairway consultancy, we;

•Identify the problem
• Evaluate alternative solution
•Implement the best solution
• Review implementation

Stock taking, monitoring and valuation

Inventory Services

At stairway consultancy, we are well vexed with pharmaceutical products and are abreast with current trends in the industry and that makes us equal to none.

We undertake three things:

•stock taking
•Monitoring of stocks
•Quantifying stocks into monetary value.

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Consulting With Stairway Consultancy really helped me & my business achieve its financial goals. The slick presentation along with fantastic readability ensures that my financial standing is stable.

Denis Edu
Sales & Marketing

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